Speaker Bio

Stephanie Sauers-Boyd

Stephanie Sauers-Boyd

Owner, ASCA-C, Sauers Tree and Landscape Service, Inc.

Stephanie is President of Sauers, Inc in Philadelphia, PA. Over the last 20 years, the Sauers siblings have streamlined their business to be a top snow and ice management provider for the Northeast. Stephanie has led the technology charge for advancement in all areas related to snow and ice management, which has resulted in greater efficiency for her own organization’s Systems and Processes. In addition to being the SN 9001 management representative for her company, she is also a Certified Snow Professional, ASCA-Certified, and an ASCA PA State Lead for Legislative Change. She was a recipient of the Industry Leadership Award for 2013, and earned the American Cancer Society Volunteer Achievement Award in 2015.


Birds of a Feather Happy Hour

September 17 @ 3:45 PM